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30 beers on draft, more than a 100 by the bottle and food devised by local celeb-chefs Viet Pham and Frody Volgger – the result is beer bar.

This beer bar menu was taken on March 20th 2014. Beer bar reprints their menu three times a week to ensure their menu matches their available stock.

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Beer Bar menu 1

Beer Bar menu 2

Beer Bar menu 3

Beer Bar menu 4

Beer Bar menu 5

Beer Bar menu 6

Beer Bar menu 7

Beer Bar menu 8

Beer Bar
155 E 200 S Salt Lake City, UT 84102


    • Honestly not sure Joe, I didn’t try the vegi. Mind you, if you stop by for a drink and some french fries on the basis of a fact finding trip…well…even if they weren’t vegan it wouldn’t be a totally wasted trip 😉

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