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Masala Indian Restaurant menu

Please note that this business is currently closed. The menu is presented for historical reference only. Check out our restaurant finder for somewhere new to eat.

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Masala Indian Restaurant in the heart of Sugarhouse has been serving up quick and affordable Indian cuisine for several years now. The concept and execution should come of no surprise of course, being the work of the family behind State Street’s Curry In A Hurry and Curry Fried Chicken. The following Masala Indian Restaurant menu was submitted by a thoughtful reader in May 2015:

Masala Indian Restaurant Menu One
Masala Indian Restaurant: menu page one
Masala Indian Restaurant Menu Two
Masala Indian Restaurant: menu page two
Masala Menu Three
Masala Indian Restaurant: menu page three

Sugar House Shopping Center, 2223 S Highland Dr #5, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 487-2994