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Curry Corner Cafe is a new (as of early 2017) Indian-Pakistani-Middle Eastern cafe, opening inside the Qaderi Sweetz ‘N’ Spicez market on State Street. You’ll find well recognized staples such as curries and rice dishes, plus a few not so common items too like burgers and pizza, with a spicy kick!

Curry Corner Cafe menu

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Curry Corner Cafe
1785 South State Street, #300 Salt Lake City, Utah
(801) 484-0268

Reviews of this restaurant

Delicious Indian & Pakistani food

August 13, 2022

Curry corner cafe was our first stop when we arrived from New York. We had read all the good reviews and the restaurant and the shef Naheed lived up to their good reputation. We went everyday of our stay and tried almost all the veg & non-veg dishes and loved them all!!! Highly recommend rana


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