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Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille menu

Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille menu is a restaurant in Lehi Utah. The restaurant brings bold and vibrant African flavors to a dish everyone loves – chicken. Diners can enjoy the unique flavors in a variety of ways: wraps, salads, bowls or right off the bone.

Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille menu

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What else should I know about Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille

Cuisine: African
Don’t miss: Chicken on the bone
Reservations: No
Service and atmosphere: Casual

Where is Zulu Piri Piri Chicken Grille located

2951 W. Clubhouse Drive, Lehi, Utah 84043
(801) 901-6492

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