Cuisine - Korean

Miso Yum food trucks

misoYUM food truck menu

misoYUM is a Salt Lake City Utah food truck that specializes in quick and casual Korean food. misoYUM food...
Angry Korean - rice bowl with mandoo

The Angry Korean menu

The Angry Korean is a new business for 2019 located in The District in South Jordan. Formerly operating as a food truck,...
EJO - Angus beef brisket

EJO Korean BBQ menu

EJO is a Korean BBQ style restaurant in South Salt Lake, Utah. The menu offers an All You Can Eat affair -...
Cuisine at Beepbop korean BBQ in Ogden (Kristina M)

Beebop Korean BBQ menu

Beebop Korean BBQ is a Korean restaurant located in Ogden Utah. The restaurant is open six days a week and serves all the...
Jin's Restaurant - kimchi ramen (Jin's)

Jin’s Restaurant menu

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Generic restaurant blurred photo (Freepik)

Korean Bistro menu

Korean Bistro menu The following Korean Bistro menu is dated April 2018: The above Korean Bistro menu was provided by the restaurant directly. Other interesting menus and...
Korea House Restaurant cuisine (Emily N)

Korea House Restaurant menu

Korea House Restaurant has been a staple of State Street in SLC for many years. The restaurant serves up classic Korean cuisine across...
Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Kim Korean House And Sushi Bar

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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Seoul Korean Best Teriyaki Restaurant menu

If you're in the Layton area and looking for great flavors on a budget you don't need to look further than this restaurant. ...
Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Kimchi House menu

Located in Yun’s Korean Market in Layton is this modest mom and pop Korean eatery; this casual sit down part of the business is...
Ahtti Korean Munchies food - beef bulgogi. Credit, Ahtti

Ahtti Korean Munchies food truck menu

Ahtti Korean Munchies is a food truck business that was born out of the Spice Kitchen Incubator project. The truck offers a range...
Ombu Grill - sleek and chic interior

Ombu Grill menu

A popular cuisine nationwide, SLC has been a little slow to really embrace Korean BBQ in general. This new Korean BBQ spot on...
Cupbop cuisine (Cupbop)

Cupbop menu

With locations all across the Wasatch Front and multiple food trucks - the Korean BBQ in a cup from Cupbop shows no...
seoul garden steamed egg

Seoul Garden menu

If you were paying close attention to this location in 2015, you would have seen the signage for Jang Soo Jang disappear; in it's...
Bumblebees Korean BBQ

Bumblebees BBQ and Grill menu

Bumblebees BBQ and Grill takes over from where Wasatch Moon Cafe left off. Great comfort food such as burgers, brisket and fries in...