Cuisine - Mexican

Maize food truck (Maize)

Maize food truck menu

Maize food truck (Maize) Maize is a food truck in Salt Lake City that specializes in bringing authentic...
El Nene food truck (El NeNe)

El NeNe Sammy food truck menu

El Nene food truck (El NeNe) Food Truck “El Nene Sammy” is a family business, started in September...
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Red Butte Cafe menu

Located on the East side of SLC on Foothill Drive, Red Butte Cafe is part of the Pub Group. This locally owned collection...
Generic Mexican food (Freepik)

Rubio’s menu with prices

Rubio's is a quick casual fast food restaurant that specializes in tacos. They're most known for their popular fish taco, which is...
Generic Mexican food nachos (Freepik)

Costa Vida menu

Costa Vida is a popular quick casual restaurant that offers a range of Mexican dishes. Simply move down the line and order up...
Taqueria Los Lee - vegan tacos with squash and corn (Taqueria Los Lee)

Taqueria Los Lee menu

Taqueria Los Lee is a new restaurant for South Salt Lake opening in the Summer of 2018. The taqueria has a range of...
El Famous Betos - carne asada fries (El Famous Betos)

El Famous Beto’s menu

El Famous Beto’s is a restaurant in Ogden in Northern Utah. The restaurant offers a wide ranging menu of Mexican favorites and is...
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La Montaña menu

La Montaña is a Mexican restaurant located in North Salt Lake. Open six days a week, the restaurant serves all your favorite dishes...
Don Chuy's - tacos (Don Chuy's)

Don Chuy’s Taco Shop menu

Tacos 24 hours in Utah? You got it! In fact on the extensive menu at Don Chuy's Taco Shop you'll find so...
Cafe Silvestre cuisine (Cafe Silvestre)

Cafe Silvestre menu

Since 1976 Cafe Silvestre has been serving up classic Mexican dishes to hungry Utah locals. The menu below is for the West Valley...
Rico Cocina - tamales

Rico Cocina Y Tequila Bar

Rico Cocina is the evolution of the former restaurant in this space - Frida Bistro. The restaurant is still owned and operated by the...
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Taco Bell | Menu | Prices | Info

One of America's favorite, fast food joints - Taco Bell. From basic tacos through modern creations like Gordita crunch and nacho fries...
Cuisine at Tortilla Union (Tortilla Union)

Tortilla Union menu

Tortilla Union is a New Mexican restaurant for Station Park in Farmington Utah in 2018. The contemporary menu has plenty of crowd pleasers,...
El Mexiquense Grill - Alambre Plate with Al Pastor meat (El Mexiquense)

El Mexiquense menu

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Alamexo - table side guacamole

Alamexo menu

Alamexo isn't just one of the best Mexican restaurants in Utah, it's one of the best Utah restaurants full stop. Chef and...
Generic Mexican food nachos (Freepik)

El Rey Del Pollo menu

This North Salt Lake City Mexican restaurant specializes in one particular mouth watering item: grilled Mexican chicken. You can order up that wonderful...
La Fountain cuisine - credit La Fountain

La Fountain | Menu | Prices | Delivery

La Fountain is one of several businesses that stems from the work of Antonio Tovar in 1980. La Fountain currently has six locations...
Julias Mexican Food - mojarrita frita. Credit Teresa Trujillo and Julias Facebook page

Julia’s Mexican Food menu

Julia's on the North side of SLC is a traditional Mexican restaurant that offers a range of special dishes, all made from scratch in...
Fajita Grill - combo plate. Credit John Vest

Fajita Grill menu

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Tacos Mi Caramelo - al pastor tacos. Credit Tacos Mi Caramelo

Tacos Mi Caramelo menu

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Big Tortas - stuffed torta. Credit, Tyillere Hansen

Big Tortas menu

Big Tortas on 39th South specializes in big, bold, Mexican tortas - magnificent creations overflowing with fillings. Which means, in the words of...
El Morelense - tacos al pastor. Credit, el Morelense

El Morelense menu

Since 2007 this Redwood Road eatery has been offering what they think is the very best al pastor meat in all Utah;...
Taqueria El Rey de Oros - tacos. Credit SLC Foodie

Taqueria El Rey de Oros menu

This modest taco shop on the West side of SLC is popular with locals for many reason: great prices and great authentic...
Generic Mexican food nachos (Freepik)

La Salsita Grill food truck menu

La Salsita Grill is a food truck in Salt Lake City that serves a number of crowd pleasing Mexican favorites. Tacos, burritos, quesadilla...
Tacos Don Rafa - tacos

Tacos Don Rafa menu

Since 1998, Tacos Don Rafa has wowed locals, many hailing it as the very best taco in Salt Lake City hands down. Often...