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Claim your menu page

If you’re a restaurant and want to deliver a lightning fast experience for your hungry customers – we’d love to hear from you! We don’t charge a single penny to display your menu to 10s of 1000s of hungry diners.

Why claim your menu page on SLC Menu?

When your customers are looking to dine with you, chances are they’re checking your menu on their mobile device first. They might be messaging with friends about evening dinner plans or they might even be in a car, on their way to dine right now. In these instances, easily accessible and fast loading information about your business is critical.

Poor Internet connectivity, older devices, over complicated websites, PDF or Flash based menus – all these can lead to a negative mobile experience. A poor or slow mobile experience can lead to abandonment and ultimately less sales for your restaurant – check out Kiss Metric’s analysis here. Speed = sales.

We create the pages on SLC Menu with a mobile first mentality; the website is optimized from the ground up to be a fast and responsive experience for mobile users. This means minimizing and compressing graphics, reducing complexity, using advanced page caching, optimizing menu images and crucially working with Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This technology is deployed through our site to ensure Google can index menus and pages in the most optimized and speedy fashion.

Google AMP pages load lightning fast on mobile devices – and lightning fast information means more sales. Go try the site now on your own smartphone and see for yourself. See those little lightning bolts next to content when you Google something? That’s Google AMP in action.

How to claim your free SLC Menu page

If you’d like to claim your business listing on SLC Menu we’d love to hear from you. We charge absolutely nothing and offer a range of customization and updates for your page:

Unlimited menu updates

Send us your refreshed menu any time it updates and we will make sure the site is updated accordingly. You can send us your menu in any format you like and we will convert it to mobile friendly, fast loading images.

Showcase menu updates

Do you have a weekly or seasonal special? Let us showcase that for you at the top of your menu page. Let diners know what’s hot about your business right now.

Add opening hours to your menu page

When diners are checking our your menu they’ll more than likely want to see your hours too.

Add special offers, discounts and coupons to your page

Don’t lose the attention of a diner in the final stages of deciding where to eat. Complete the sale with a special offer on your menu.

Add images and information to your page

If you’d like to communicate more information or showcase your cuisine, we’re happy to help. We will advise how to keep the page loading fast and accessibly too.

Save money

How much do you pay for your restaurant’s website, domain name, web design and SEO efforts? A page on SLC Menu is more than enough for most businesses needs and often times, can be far more effective than overly complex websites that need routine maintenance.

To claim your page simply email us at – and we will be in touch ASAP.