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Black Widow Cafe and Catering menu

Please note that this business is currently closed. The menu is presented for historical reference only. Check out our restaurant finder for somewhere new to eat.

Please note this restaurant is now closed.

The following are photographs of Black Widow’s menu from the summer of 2011. Strangely their website seemed to go offline, a few weeks after my first few visits. I thought it was perhaps a brief snafu, but as its still offline, this seems like a great time to post these photos. After all, this is a great restaurant.

In my humble opinion, skip the entrees and stick to the sandwich selections which are almost universally fantastic, not to mention wallet friendly too. Probably my favorite item off the whole menu is the sublime Cuban sandwich. A paltry $8 is all it takes to secure this greasy messy pressed and grilled sandwich, that comprises roasted ham, swiss, smoked pork, house made pickles and spicy aioli. Your doctor might not thank you for it, but your stomach will.

Black Widow Cafe and Catering
837 East 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 466-1929