About SLC menu

We’ve all been there. You’re scouring the web looking for menu information on a specific restaurant, but alas, there is nothing to be found. The restaurant might not have a website, or it might be one of those super-cool modern and mysterious designs. The site might be down, it might just not work well on your mobile device, it might not list prices or be vague on menu items – whatever the reason this website might be able to help.

SLC Menu offers both hard to find Salt Lake City restaurants menus, plus other restaurant menus in accessible formats; you should be able to scroll through, pinch and zoom easily on mobile – you know, when you’re in a hurry, hungry and need the info.

We also offer tools to find menus by style, cuisine, hours and even your location right now. Just check out the menu at the top of the page.

The stats

Over 600 restaurants covered, 2,350+ menu pages archived, 1.05GB of menus stored, serving up more than 75,000 page views per month.

Our most popular menus? Check out the top section of our home page, that lists the most popular menus the past seven days.


Unless directly specified we’re not officially related to any of the restaurants listed here. The menus are presented as a reference resource only. They may be outdated, the restaurant may have closed, prices may have changed. Please call a restaurant directly to confirm details before making serious life decisions!


Claim your menu page today at no charge. We can update your menu page at any time, again, at no charge at all. We’ll make the page accessible to all end users regardless of device and ensure its fast loading on mobile too.


Links to externally websites may be affiliate links we’re paid for if you make a purchase, e.g. Groupon etc.

SLC Menu has been featured by a number of sites online and in print including: Deseret News, Visit Salt Lake, City Weekly, Yelp, The Blocks SLC, Thrillist and more. If you have any questions or have menu photos to submit yourself, simply drop me an email to admin@slcmenu.com.

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