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The Annex by Epic beer and food menu

Please note that this business is currently closed. The menu is presented for historical reference only. Check out our restaurant finder for somewhere new to eat.

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annex by epic brewing rope grown mussels
The Annex By Epic: Rope grown mussels

A lot has been changing in Sugarhouse lately – not least for one of the first tenants of the newly renovated area – The Annex by Epic Brewing. A shiny new club license means access to all of their award winning brews in a variety of sizes – now without the need to order food. But food you should order, the new chef Craig Gerome is making some out of this world dishes like the above picture rope grown mussels – fown in from a super secret supplier in Maine.

Pictures taken in mid December 2014, starting with the most important item first – the beer menu:

annex by epic beer list
The Annex By Epic: Beer list
annex by epic food menu
The Anex By Epic: Food menu

The Annex By Epic Brewing
1048 East 2100 South #110, Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 742-5490