H&D BBQ bosatch burger
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H&D BBQ menu

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H&D BBQ bosatch burger
H&D BBQ: Bosatch burger

Replacing the Italian fare of Cucina Vanina in Cottonwood Heights comes the smokey delights of BBQ. H&D BBQ offer an extensive array of smoked meats and appropriate side dishes – in a number of formats from plates to sandwiches to burgers. Pictured above is the Bosatch Burger, effectively a 3/4 pound of towering meat with angus beef, brisket and pulled pork plus jalapenos and cheese.

The following H&D BBQ menu was taken from the restaurant in April 2014:

h&d bbq menu
H&D BBQ menu

1844 Fort Union Blvd #16, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121
(801) 938-9706