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shooting star saloon star burger
Shooting Star Saloon: Star Burger

Open continually since 1879, The Shooting Star Saloon is Utah’s oldest bar; some even say perhaps the oldest running bar West of the Mississippi full stop. One of the secrets to that longevity is a simple menu of burgers and beer. Don’t come expecting fancy schmancy hipster burgers and don’t ask for a raft of changes or substitutions – what you see is what you get – and that’s perfectly fine by us.

Pictured above, the Star Burger, two patties heaving under melted cheese and grilled onions and topped with a spicy knackwurst sausage for good measure. The following Shooting Star Saloon menu picture was snapped in May of 2016:

shooting star saloon menu
shooting star saloon menu

7350 E 200 S, Huntsville, UT 84317
(801) 745-2002


    • We don’t have any formal link to the restaurant Paul. I would call them directly on (801) 745-2002 to confirm either way.

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