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Este Deli was founded by the same folks who original created Este Pizza. Serving up a range of solid classics like hot and cold hoagies, pickles, burgers, dogs and more – the cuisine is more traditional than trendy. Don’t expect a hipster hoagie with kale and shishito peppers here. Not that that’s a bad thing, sometimes nothing hits the spot better than a robust Chicken Parm or messy Philly Cheese Steak.

The original location closed in 2017, but as of 2018 a new location is set to open in downtown SLC.

Este Deli menu

The following Este Deli menu is dated April 2018:

Este Deli menu 2018 - hot sandwiches
Este Deli menu 2018 – hot sandwiches
Este Deli menu 2018 - cold sandwiches
Este Deli menu 2018 – cold sandwiches
Este Deli menu 2018 - starters, salads, breakfast
Este Deli menu 2018 – starters, salads, breakfast
Este Deli menu 2018 - build your own, vegan
Este Deli menu 2018 – build your own, vegan

The above Este Deli menu was converted from a Facebook post by the business.

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What are the hours for Este Deli

Monday TBA
Tuesday TBA
Wednesday TBA
Thursday TBA
Friday TBA
Saturday TBA
Sunday TBA

What else should I know about Este Deli

Cuisine: Deli
Don’t miss: Sub sandwiches
Reservations: No
Parking: Street
Alcohol: No
Service and atmosphere: Casual, counter service

Where is Este Deli located

238 South Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
(801) 487-3354


  1. There have been facebook posts about the new Main Street location opening “Next week…this month…next month…” since January. I walk by this location everyday. It has appeared to be ready to open for the past two months with new furniture, fixtures, and paint. Not sure what the problem has been. Maybe they should have held off on the opening even longer until they had a competent, trained staff who knew what they were doing. Today was opening day and well, it’s a dumpster fire of an opening day if I ever saw one.

    Honestly, have ANY of these people worked in food service before?

    I walked in at 12:15. The first warning sign should have been that every seat was taken, with several people standing, waiting for their orders in the dining area. There were 2 people in front of me ordering, and not a single person in the restaurant with food on their table or in hand. They took my order after 10 minutes of waiting behind 2 customers in line. That’s when the fun began. At 12:30 I see the first order appear on a tray in the kitchen pass-through window. I see 4 workers in the kitchen completely confused and darting around the kitchen aimlessly. Most have long hair and/or beards with no hats, nets, or hair tied back. The three ladies running the counter are apologetic about the service but have little to do since there is now an empty line and a restaurant full of paid customers waiting for their orders. Many are told some menu items aren’t available because this or that item didn’t come in on time. Some customers are given numbers. others are asked for their names. There doesn’t appear to be any established routine for managing customer orders. I was asked no less than five times in the fifty minutes I was in the store, what I had ordered. Others experienced the same. Some asked for their money back. Sandwiches came from the kitchen with nothing written on the wrapper as to what the sandwich was or who ordered it. Orders were delivered wrong. Names and orders were called out without being claimed. Near the end of my experience, and after the dining area had cleared out, two additional gentlemen appeared in the kitchen as reinforcements were called in. Too late, in business, especially the restaurant business, first impressions are important. I received my 6″ smoked turkey sandwich at 1:05 with apologies. The sandwich was good, but not worth a 50 minute wait. Stay away from this place until they show enough care about their business and their customers to invest some time and money into training their staff.

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