Nohm - skewers (Salt Plate City)
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Nohm menu

Nohm is a Japanese restaurant located in the Central 9th area of SLC; it moved into the space left empty by the departed Meditrina. Worthy of note, the modern Japanese-leaning menu is available until midnight when the restaurant is open.

Nohm menu

The following Nohm menu is dated January 2020:

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Nohm menu - rapid fire, shareables
Nohm menu – rapid fire, shareables
Nohm menu - single
Nohm menu – single
Nohm menu - sake, beer
Nohm menu – sake, beer
Nohm menu - wine, non alcholic drinks
Nohm menu – wine, non alcholic drinks
Nohm - skewers (Salt Plate City)
Nohm – skewers (Salt Plate City)

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What are the hours for Nohm

Tuesday5.00 p.m. – midnight
Wednesday5.00 p.m. – midnight
Thursday5.00 p.m. – midnight
Friday5.00 p.m. – midnight
Saturday5.00 p.m. – midnight

What else should I know about Nohm

Cuisine: Japanese
Don’t miss:
Alcohol: Beer, wine, sake
Service and atmosphere: Trendy, modern

Nohm interior (Salt Plate City)
Nohm interior (Salt Plate City)

Where is Nohm located?

275 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
(801) 917-3812