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Fish On is a restaurant in Millcreek, Utah. The restaurant is the offshoot of a food truck of a similar name, and specialized in fish and chips. Dishes include staples like cod, but also lesser seem selections like salmon. The following Fish On menu is dated January 2023 and was provider by a reader of SLC Menu:

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Fish On Bistro menu - fish and chips
Fish On Bistro menu – fish and chips
Fish On Bistro menu - sandiwches, sides, desserts
Fish On Bistro menu – sandiwches, sides, desserts

4700 South 900 East, Millcreek, UT 84117
(385) 349-3490

Reviews of this restaurant

Outstanding Surprise

June 5, 2023

We had the Fish and Chips Yankee. It was excellent. The tartar sauce was a real treat. The fry sauce a little less exciting, but is actually tasty on the fish. As expected, the cod was moister than the salmon, but both were very tasty. Mike was very attentive and made sure the meal was great. We recommend highly.


INCREDIBLY GOOD!! If anyone says otherwise, they're probably bias.

June 5, 2023

Yes, it was beyond amazing! Starting with a great service, beer batter was crispy the fish was flaky and moist, generous portions. fries are battered and very good too. Only downside was it took 20 min, but they had a large order before us, and we can’t get it fast enough.

John Nimble

Very bad

May 16, 2023

Was not good, poor service, fish was tasteless, fries were good, the sauce was very bad.



May 16, 2023

Have been 3x now to Fish on and they are beyond amazing. Their cod and salmon is the best i have ever tasted and they do not skimp on servings. The flavor is spot on and I can’t say enough about the battered fries. If a 10 Star rating was setup they would get that hands down. Nice part the Bistro is clean. Service is slow but she get’s it done. Wow, Fantastic is all I can say.


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