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Best restaurants in Salt Lake City

Blue Marlin - kushiyaki
Blue Marlin – kushiyaki

First of all you might want to check out top 10 places to eat in Salt Lake City list. This is the top 10 most popular restaurants on our site in 2017.

Of course, asking the question “what’s the best restaurant in Salt Lak City?” has more than one answer. The question might seem simple enough but in reality our answer is always, “well, it depends”. Are you looking for something cheap and cheerful, fancy and gourmet or don’t even want to get out of your car and whizz through a drive thru?

Which is why we’ve created this page, breaking down the question into easier to digest pieces. We’ve broken the question of best restaurant down into three main categories: cuisine, type of dish and neighborhood you’re in. Bon appetite!

By Cuisine

Best Chinese cuisine in Salt Lake City

Best Italian food Salt Lake City

Best Japanese dining in Salt Lake City

Best Mexican food in Salt Lake City

Best vegan food in Salt Lake City

By Dish

Best burgers in Salt Lake City

Best gyros in Salt Lake City

Best pizza in Salt Lake City

Best sushi in Salt Lake City

By Time

Best breakfast in Salt Lake City

Best lunch in Salt Lake City

Restaurants open 24 hours

Restaurants open Sunday in Salt Lake City

Late night eats Salt Lake City

By Neighborhood

Best downtown Salt Lake city restaurants
Our favorite restaurant downtown is Stanza.

Best Sugar House restaurants
Our favorite restaurant in this area is SOMI Vietnamese Bistro.

Food near me
Let us show you 10 great restaurant menus near your location right now.