Best Sugar House restaurants

Sugar House is one of the coolest neighborhoods in all of Salt Lake City; and it’s also home to some really great restaurants offering a range of diverse cuisine.

Sugar House is a quite compact area, so the following list of restaurants are all within walking distance no matter where you happen to be. Check out our full list of the best Sugar House restaurants:

Saffron Valley Sugar House menu - main dining area

Saffron Valley Sugar House menu

Saffron Valley's third outpost (after South Jordan and the Avenues) is on the edge of Sugar House. With plenty of ...
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565 Firehouse - BBQ. Credit, Salt Lake Tribune

565 Firehouse menu

Formerly Bubba's BBQ on 21st South, now 565 Firehouse. Of particular note is that in addition to fine BBQ fare ...
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Generic fish and chips

Sizzler menu with prices

Sizzler is an American chain restaurant with locations all over the United States. The restaurant is popular for their variety ...
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Franco's Churro House - page two

Franco’s Churro House menu

Franco's Churro House is a dessert shop in the Sugar House area of Salt Lake City. The following Franco's Churro ...
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Yanni's Greek Express menu - gyro with red sauce

Yanni’s Greek Express | Menu | Prices

Yanni's Greek Express in Sugar House is one of my personal favorites in Salt Lake City when it comes to ...
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Ramen Legend - ramen

Ramen Legend menu

Ramen Legend is a Japanese restaurant located in the heart of Sugar House. The restaurant's menu is focused on the ...
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Sushi Groove - nigiri sushi at the sushi bar

Sushi Groove | Menu | Delivery | Info

Sushi Groove in Sugar House is one of our favorite places for sushi in all of Utah. The funky hangout ...
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Cubbys Chicago Beef - The Gypsy, credit Cubbys.

Cubby’s Chicago Beef menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We ...
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Pending restaurant picture

ELEVO Coffee Wine Bites

ELEVO is the next project from chef and restaurateur Jen Gilroy. Gilroy currently operates the Daybreak restaurant Porch and in ...
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Poke bowl (Hanaya Poke)

Hanaya Poke menu

Hanaya Poke (formerly known as Hana Poke) is a mini-Hawaiian restaurant chain with locations in Salt Lake City and Texas ...
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O Falafel, falafel. Credit Facebook.

O’Falafel Etc menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We ...
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Stratford Proper - beer and burger (Stratford Proper)

Stratford Proper menu

Stratford Proper is a restaurant from the Proper group of business that also operates Avenues Proper, Proper Burger Co and ...
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Generic Mexican food (Freepik)

Rubio’s menu with prices

Rubio's is a quick casual fast food restaurant that specializes in tacos. They're most known for their popular fish taco, ...
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Table X cuisine

Table X menu

Table X is one of SLC's bets kept secrets - a fine dining restaurant hidden away in the suburbs of ...
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McDonalds Hot N Spicy McChicken

McDonald’s menu prices

McDonald's is one of the most successful fast food businesses in America If you need to quickly check what's on ...
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The Old Dutch store - meat and cheese platter (Old Duch Store)

The Old Dutch Store menu

The Old Dutch Store is a an import/deli shop in Sugar House Utah. The business specialists in imported treats from ...
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Generic grocery store shelves

Whole Foods Sugar House restaurants menu

A great bonus reason for shopping at Whole Foods? The on site fast casual food stations that serve up a ...
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BGR Sugar House - the reuben. Credit BGR

BGR Sugar House menu

Opening in December 2017, BGR - aka burgers Grilled Right - is the latest addition to the quickly changing Sugar ...
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JINYA - spicy meatball ramen (JINYA)

JINYA Ramen Bar menu

JINYA Ramen Bar is a Japanese restaurant with locations in both Sugar House and Murray. The two locations are part ...
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Yellowfinn - sushi roll

Yellowfinn Grill And Sushi Bar menu

Yellowfinn Grill And Sushi Bar is a Japanese restaurant located in Sugar House. The restaurant has an extensive menu of ...
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SOMI Vietnamese Bistro - egg rolls. Credit, SOMI

SOMI Vietnamese Bistro menu

We're huge fans of SOMI Vietnamese Bistro in the heart of the revamped Sugar House. This upscale take on classic ...
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LIL Lotus - nachos sin carne, credit SLC Vegan group

LIL Lotus menu

LIL Lotus is a 100% vegan friendly restaurant in the heart of Sugar House. Opening in the former Shawarma King ...
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Freebirds World Burrito - credit Freebirds

Freebirds World Burrito menu

Freebirds is a national chain with several locations here in Utah. The star of the show are the build your ...
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Millie's Burgers sign (Millie's)

Millie’s Burgers menu

Milile's has been a staple of central Sugar House for decades, feeding those in search of a quick meal - ...
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Sweet Sundaes Dessert Shop

Sweet Sundaes Dessert Shop menu

Sweet Sundaes Dessert Shop is a new dessert and soda destination on the Eastern edge of Sugar House. The shop ...
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Generic burger (Freepik)

Chick-fil-A menu with prices

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast food franchises in America hands down - people love this chicken focused ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Tokyo Teriyaki Midvale menu

Tokyo Teriyaki is a new restaurant from the family that owned and operated the much loved Kowloon Cafe. The restaurant ...
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bruges waffles and frites - frites

Bruges Waffles And Frites menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We ...
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Red Moose Coffee Company - muffin and coffee. Credit, Red Moose

Red Moose Coffee Company menu

Red Moose Coffee Company is a coffee shop in Sugar House that also offers a range of sandwiches and paninis ...
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Black Sheep Sugar House - fry bread tacos with brisket

Black Sheep Sugar House menu

After years of successful business in Provo, Black Sheep decided to open their second location in the heart of trendy ...
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Galley Gill - cheburek (Galley Grill)

Galley Grill menu

Galley Grill is a Russian restaurant on the edge of Sugar House in Utah; as far as we know its ...
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Dolce Sicilia Sugar House - carbonara pasta. Credit Dolce

Dolce Sicilia Sugar House menu

The third restaurant for the guys behind the eminently popular Sicilia Mia and Antica Sicilia. Each one creeps a little ...
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Generic Vietnamese food (Freepik)

Pho Thin menu

Pho Thin is a restaurant that specializes in the rich, flavorful pho soups of Vietnam. Located right in the heart ...
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Kimis Chop House Toast Smogen

Kimi’s Chop and Oyster House menu

Kimi's Chop and Oyster House is one of the latest restaurant's to complete the revamp of central Sugarhouse. Offering a ...
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Fiddler's Elbow - sandwich, fries, guiness

Fiddler’s Elbow menu

Fiddler's Elbow has been at the heart of Sugar House for more Ethan two decades. Serving up hearty bar food ...
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The Olympian - Italian sausages and eggs (The Olympian)

The Olympian menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We ...
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Dee's Family restaurant interior. Credit, Ben Wr Google

Dee’s Family Restaurant menu

The Dee's story started back in 1931 when Dee Anderson borrowed $35 to buy meat, pickles and buns and start ...
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Generic restaurant blurred photo (Freepik)

Aloha Hale ‘Aina menu

Aloha Hale 'Aina is a brand new Sugar House restaurant opening in July 2019 - we're currently waiting to hear ...
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wasatch brew pub in sugarhouse buffalo burger and fries

Wasatch Brew Pub Sugarhouse menu

Wasatch Brew Pub: Buffalo Burger and Fries As Sugarhouse's 'Sugarhole' slowly became the new Vue @ sugarhouse development, trendy and ...
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The Ruin - The Seventy-Six cocktail (The Ruin)

The RUIN menu

In the modern redeveloped Sugar House, The RUIN sits right at the heart offering some of the best drinks in ...
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Brickyard Bar - sandwich

Brickyard Bar menu

Brickyard Bar is the new name for the former Lumpy's bar on Highland Drive in the Sugar House area of ...
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Kyoto Japanese Restaurant - beef sukiyaki. Credit, Kyoto

Kyoto Japanese Restaurant menu

Kyoto is an iconic SLC restaurant that's been serving up the very best traditional Japanese cuisine for more than thirty ...
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Hopkins Brewing Company - fish and chips

Hopkins Brewing Company menu

Hopkins Brewing Company is a small brewery and restaurant located in the heart of Sugar House. The restaurant moves into ...
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Tsunami - sushi roll

Tsunami Restaurant And Sushi Bar menu

Tsunami Restaurant And Sushi Bar is a Japanese restaurant chain in Utah. The restaurant has multiple locations in Sugar House, ...
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Utah beers (Craft By Proper)

Craft By Proper menu

Craft By Proper is the latest project from the Proper team, the folks behind: Avenues Proper, Proper Burger and Proper ...
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Twin Suns Cafe - Uncle Tommy’s wet burrito. Credit Josh Shimizu

Twin Suns Cafe menu

Twin Suns Cafe replaces the former Rocky Mountain Grill restaurant in the center of Sugar House. At first glance you'd ...
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annex by epic brewing rope grown mussels

The Annex by Epic beer and food menu

A lot has been changing in Sugarhouse lately - not least for one of the first tenants of the newly ...
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Chronic Tacos - credit, Chronic Tacos

Chronic Tacos Sugarhouse menu

Joining the speedy re-development of the Sugar House area, comes this California chain focused on made-to-order Mexican food that is ...
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