Best SLC vegan restaurants

LIL Lotus - nachos sin carne, credit SLC Vegan group
LIL Lotus – nachos sin carne, credit Facebook SLC Vegan group contributor.

One of the quickest growing culinary trends in Salt Lake City is vegan cuisine. Whether you’re choosing a vegan diet for health reasons or ethical concerns, there’s a diverse range of high quality debag dining options in SLC.

The following menus represent some of the very best SLC vegan restaurants. Most serve a 100% plant based menu, while others offer a discrete, separate vegan friendly menu:

Veggie House in SLC

Veggie House menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We ...
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Piper Down interior. Credit, Piper Down

Piper Down menu

This Irish themed bar in Salt Lake City always has something going on. Whether its poker and bingo in the ...
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Vertical Pizza - vegan pizza

Vertical Pizza menu

From the folks behind Sage's Cafe and Vertical Diner comes this new pizza joint; and yes, as you might expect, ...
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Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls

Cinnaholic menu

Cinnaholic is a dessert shop in downtown SLC with a menu built around build your own cinnamon rolls. Worthy of ...
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Generic bar photo (Freepik)

Green Pig Pub menu

After the famous Port O Call closed its doors many years ago, the various staff members went there own ways ...
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Stanza - polenta

Stanza Italian Bistro menu

Stanza in downtown Salt Lake City isn't just a great Italian restaurant, it's one of SLC's finest destination restaurant's full ...
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Cuppa - 100% organic apple beet poppy salad


This cafe for creatives on Ogden's bustling and historic 25th street is completely vegan. That means there's a great choice ...
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LIL Lotus - nachos sin carne, credit SLC Vegan group

LIL Lotus menu

LIL Lotus is a 100% vegan friendly restaurant in the heart of Sugar House. Opening in the former Shawarma King ...
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Ginger Tofu Noodle Salad (Vegan Bowl)

Vegan Bowl menu

Vegan Bowl is 100% vegan restaurant new to West Jordan Utah in early 2018. The family owned and operated restaurant ...
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Moab Kitchen food truck menu - curry

Moab Kitchen food truck menu

Moab Kitchen is a Moab based food truck business that is 100% vegan friendly and plant based. Their self styled ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Shanghai Cafe menu

Shanghai Cafe is an Asian restaurant on the outskirts of downtown Salt Lake City. The menu at Shanghai Cafe features ...
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Bombay House - Indian meal. Credit Bombay House

Bombay House | Menu | Delivery

Bombay House is one of the most popular restaurants in Utah hands down. With three locations across the valley it ...
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Monkeywrench - vegan ice cream

Monkeywrench menu

This sister restaurant to next door Bolt Cutter, Monkeywrench offers a similar 100% vegan friendly menu. Here you'll find a ...
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Boltcutter - BBQ tacos. Credit, Purefood

Bolt Cutter menu

Bolt Cutter in Salt Lake City is a vegan restaurant from the folks behind the popular Buds sandwich shop. In ...
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Mi Ranchito Grill - tacos, credit Mi Ranchito

Mi Ranchito Grill menu

Mi Ranchito began life way back in Orem in 1983. Since then Manuel and Senorina Armenta opened up the running ...
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Long Life Vegi House - kung pao chicken

Long Life Vegi House menu

Long Life Vegi house has been a staple of 33rd South for more than two decades now. The restaurant has ...
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All Chay vegan cuisine. Credit, Talyn Sherer

All Chay menu

All Chay in Rose Park offers exclusively vegan, Vietnamese cuisine. From noodle dishes like those pictured above through vibrant fresh ...
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Ice Haus - brat and poutine

Ice Haus | Menu | Delivery | Info

Ice Haus in Murray is owned by the same team behind Piper Down and Ogden's Harp N Dive. The theme ...
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Gerlach's food truck menu June 2017

Gerlach’s food truck menu

Owned and oeprated by Jake Gerlach, Gerlach's food truck specializes in gourmet vegan hot dogs. If you have omnivores friends ...
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Kind Burger logo

Kind Burger menu

The explosion of vegan dining in Salt Lake City continues at a rapid pace. The work of David Morrison (also ...
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