Location - Midvale

Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Tokyo Teriyaki Midvale menu

Tokyo Teriyaki is a new restaurant from the family that owned and operated the much loved Kowloon Cafe. The restaurant ...
McDonalds Hot N Spicy McChicken

McDonald’s menu prices

McDonald's is one of the most successful fast food businesses in America If you need to quickly check what's on the McDonald's...
Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Midvale Mining Cafe menu

Midvale Mining Cafe is a classic American style diner located in Midvale, Utah. The restaurant is open seven days a week...
GR Kitchen - gyro and salad (GR kitchen)

GR Kitchen menu

GR Kitchen on Fort Union offers a fresh take on the regular fast food Greek you might encounter in Utah. GR Kitchen lets...
Ganesh Indian Cuisine (GIC)

Ganesh Indian Cuisine menu

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Pppeyes - fried chicken

Popeye’s menu with prices

Popeye's is one of the best places in the US to grab fast food chicken. Check out the following menu board...
Mo Bettahs - chicken katsu. Credit, Mo Bettahs

Mo Bettahs menu

Mo Bettahs was started by brothers Kimo and Kalani Mack in 2008 as Mo’ Bettah Steaks. The formal name is now Mo’ Bettahs...
Astro Burgers - combo. Credit Astro Burgers

Astro Burgers menu

Opened in 1982 by John and Soula Lyhnakis, Astro Burgers is still a locally owned burger joint. Indeed family members can be...
Chabaar - Thai fried egg. Credit Chabaar

Chabaar Beyond Thai menu

Chabaar is a Thai restaurant located in Midvale Utah. As well as Thai favorites the menu also includes several American dishes....
Sweet Ginger - beef, tofu, noodles in hot pot. Credit, Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger menu

Sweet Ginger in Midvale offers one of the most authentic Chinese menus in Utah. Sweet Ginger has particular specialties with Shanghai,...
Buffalo Wild Wings, credit BWW

Buffalo Wild Wings menu

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Itto Sushi - caterpillar roll

Itto Sushi | Menu | Hours | Delivery

Itto Sushi is a Japanese restaurant with two locations in Utah. The restaurant has locations in downtown SLC and Midvale - which...
Belgian Waffle And Omelet Inn menu - waffles and bacon 24 hours a day. Credit Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle And Omelet Inn menu

This is one of the very few restaurants in Utah that is open around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days...
Arctic Circle - Black Angus burger fries and shake. Credit Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle menu

There surely isn't a Utah original as famous as Arctic Circle. The burger joint is the reputed inventor of Utah's famed fry...
Billy Bs hash house, credit Billy Bs

Billy B’s Hash House menu

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Generic bar photo (Freepik)

Scofy’s Social Club menu

Scofy's Social Club in Midvale opens seven days a week, and offers a fun space and a relaxed atmosphere. Scofy's offers live music and...
Moochie's Meatballs And More menu - chicken parmigiana. Credit Moochies.

Moochie’s Meatballs And More menu

Moochie's Meatballs And More has been a Salt Lake favorite for classic Philly cheesesteaks as long as we can remember; not to...
Cupbop cuisine (Cupbop)

Cupbop menu

With locations all across the Wasatch Front and multiple food trucks - the Korean BBQ in a cup from Cupbop shows no...
Bumblebees Korean BBQ

Bumblebees BBQ and Grill menu

Bumblebees BBQ and Grill takes over from where Wasatch Moon Cafe left off. Great comfort food such as burgers, brisket and fries in...