Costa Vida enchiladas
Costa Vida enchiladas

If you can’t decided what fast food to eat – let us help you along. The following are all the fast food menus we have on the website right now. Burgers to tacos to chicken to pizza and more. If you can’t find something on this list, well, you probably aren’t hungry!

Featured fast food in SLC

If you’re in the areas we’d recommend checking out The Gateway, home to many restaurants, bars and entertainment options. Grab a quick bite then catch a movie, go bowling or watch a comedy show! The Gateway is home to two easily accessible fast food options.

Costa Vida – offering DIY fresh Mexican dishes at great prices. Costa Vida offers everything from salads to enchiladas to burritos. Menu.

Panda Express – one of America’s favorite fast food options with a huge selection of fast-casual Chinese dishes. Menu.

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