Best cheap eats in Salt Lake City

Somedays you just need to stretch your budget a little. That’s why we compiled this list of the best cheap eats in Salt Lake City. One mans cheap is another’s expensive though, so we did apply some logic to the collection. So how do we judge what’s a bargain and what’s not? All the restaurants listed here have plenty of filling options you can order for under $10 and still get change. In this day and age, we call that cheap eats I think. If you’re looking for something close to you right now check out our other page of cheap eats near me.

Las Cazuelas cuisine

Las Cazuelas menu

Las Cazuelas menu is a Mexican restaurant in Taylorsville Utah open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant has an expansive menu featuring classic Mexican favorite including a substantial array ...
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Al pastor (Santo Tacos)

Santo Tacos menu

Santo Tacos is a taqueria located in Rose Park. The restaurant's menu features a range of authentic selections - cabeza to lengua. The restaurant is open seven days a week, ...
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Mr Charlie’s Chicken Fingers - chicken fingers (myedibleexperience)

Mr. Charlie’s Chicken Fingers menu

Mr. Charlie's Chicken Fingers is a restaurant in Murray Utah that specializes in Alabama style chicken fingers. The restaurant promises to offer the very best chicken fingers in all of ...
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Tacos Blanquita exterior (Curt W)Tacos Blanquita exterior (Curt W)

Tacos Blanquita menu

Tacos Blanquita is a Mexican restaurant located in Logan Utah. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner six days a week. The restaurants offers wallet friendly prices that ...
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Generic burger (Freepik)

Flame Burger menu

Flame Burger is a casual fast food restaurant in Murray, Utah. The restaurant moves into the space left empty by the departure of the previous Scaddy's restaurant. The menus is ...
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Generic bar photo (Freepik)

Hitching Post Bar And Grill menu

Hitching Post Bar And Grill menu The following Hitching Post Bar And Grill menu is dated March 2017: The above Hitching Post Bar And Grill menu was converted from a ...
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Generic restaurant blurred photo (Freepik)

The Deli At University Pharmacy menu

The Deli is a quick causal restaurant hidden in the back of the University Pharmacy business up by the U of U. Popular with students for a quick meal , ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Sea Bears Fish House menu

Sea Bears Scottish American Fish House is a restaurant in Bountiful Utah that lays claim to the best fish and chips in all of Northern Utah. Check out the menu ...
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McDonalds Hot N Spicy McChicken

McDonald’s | Menu | Prices | Delivery

McDonald's is one of the most successful fast food businesses in America If you need to quickly check what's on the McDonald's menu and its price, check out the following ...
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HandleBar - baked potato (HandleBar)

HandleBar menu

HandleBar is the collaboration between David Morris (Ice Haus, Piper Down) and Jesse Wilkerson (Trolley Wing Company). The new for 2018 bar replaces Club Jam in the Marmalade area of ...
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That Sandwich Shop - stacked sandwiches (That Sandwich Shop)

That Sandwich Shop menu

This family owned business opened in 2005 and has been going strong ever since; serving a classic sandwich shop menu of hot and cold favorites. The business is open five ...
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Doki Doki - rolled ice cream (Doki Doki)

Doki Doki menu

Doki Doki is an ice cream shop in downtown Salt Lake City, albeit one with an exotic twist. The Asian inspired menu at Doki Doki offers a completely unique way ...
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Generic Mexican food (Freepik)

Rubio’s menu with prices

Rubio's is a quick casual fast food restaurant that specializes in tacos. They're most known for their popular fish taco, which is certainly not to be missed. Rubio's menu The ...
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Selections at Panda Express

Panda Express menu with prices

Panda Express is one of America's favorite fast food destinations. The restaurant offers popular Chinese food dishes in a quick service setup - simply select your type of meal, the ...
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Generic burger (Freepik)

Chick-fil-A menu with prices

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast food franchises in America hands down - people love this chicken focused fast food restaurant. See Menu And Price for a text ...
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El Famous Betos - carne asada fries (El Famous Betos)

El Famous Beto’s menu

El Famous Beto’s is a restaurant in Ogden in Northern Utah. The restaurant offers a wide ranging menu of Mexican favorites and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; indeed ...
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Generic Mexican food (Freepik)

La Montaña menu

La Montaña is a Mexican restaurant located in North Salt Lake. Open six days a week, the restaurant serves all your favorite dishes plus breakfast all day long. La Montaña ...
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Millie's Burgers sign (Millie's)

Millie’s Burgers menu

Milile's has been a staple of central Sugar House for decades, feeding those in search of a quick meal - and always easy on the wallet. With 40 years under ...
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The Olympian - Italian sausages and eggs (The Olympian)

The Olympian menu

The Kefalopoulos family run restaurant seeks to bring old world flavors with a modern twist to the Sugar House area. That means hearty breakfast and lunch plates available seven days ...
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DP Cheesesteaks menu

DP Cheesesteaks is a favorite of SLC locals looking for an authentic cheesesteak sandwich; the the menu offers much more than this staple of Philly. The business now has five ...
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Red Lantern - egg roll (Bill Gillane)

Red Lantern menu

Red Lantern in West Jordan offers a classic American-Chinese menu: rice and noodle dishes, a variety of proteins and a solid selection of lunch specials at great prices. Red Lantern ...
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Chinese BBQ at Little World Chinese Restaurant (Little World)

Little World menu

Little World in Salt Lake City has been a staple of State Street for as long as we can remember. The Cantonese leaning restaurant offers a huge menu with hundreds ...
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Al' s Cafe - whole fish (Al's Cafe)

Al’s Cafe menu

As best we know Al's Cafe in Farmington is the only place in the entire state of Utah to get traditional Filipino cuisine. That means delicious authentic dishes such as ...
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Alices Kitchen - burger and tater tots (Lucas John)

Alice’s Kitchen menu

Alice's Kitchen is a casual restaurant location in North Salt Lake. The restaurant specializes in hearty breakfast items seven days a week. The restaurant also has a number of Tex-Mex ...
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Cuisine at MakanMakan (MakanMakan)

MakanMakan menu

Or MakanMakan Asian StrEat Food Fare to give the restaurant its fuller name. This modern restaurant in Sandy offers what we think is Utah's only Indonesian and Malaysian menu. MakanMakan ...
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PDQ - chicken tenders (PDQ)

PDQ menu

PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality - which is the founding ethos of this Florda based fast food company. A relatively new business founded in 2009, but making waves ...
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Generic restaurant blurred photo (Freepik)

Korean Bistro menu

Korean Bistro menu The following Korean Bistro menu is dated April 2018: The above Korean Bistro menu was provided by the restaurant directly. Other interesting menus and items from our ...
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Midvale Mining Cafe menu

Oftentimes just referred to as Miner's but kong time regulars, this Midvale diner spot is a popular location for every meal of the day. Open seven days a week for ...
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Hacienda Mexican Grill - carne asada with rice and beans (Hacienda Mexican Grill)

Hacienda Mexican Grill menu

This Rose Park Mexican restaurant is as delicious as it is easy on the wallet - virtually everything here is less than $10. Also worthy of note are the wide ...
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Curry In a Hurry - combo plate (Hernz Vick, Curry In A Hurry FB page)

Curry In A Hurry menu

Curry In A Hurry is one of SLC's institutions - an icon on State Street for more than two decades. Opened by the Nisar family in 1998 the restaurant offers ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Jeremiah’s Restaurant menu

Originally opened in 1979 as Moore's High Country and later High Country Fare, in 1989 the business became known as Jeremiah's, and has been ever since. The restaurant expanded in ...
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Burger King Whopper

Burger King | Menu | Prices | Info

Home of the Whopper - one of America's favorite fast food burgers - and much much more. If you're looking for what's on the full Burger King menu, prices included, ...
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Generic Mexican food (Freepik)

Taco Bell | Menu | Prices | Info

One of America's favorite, fast food joints - Taco Bell. From basic tacos through modern creations like Gordita crunch and nacho fries here's the full drive thru menu with prices ...
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El Mexiquense Grill - Alambre Plate with Al Pastor meat (El Mexiquense)

El Mexiquense menu

El Mexiquense in American Fork Utah (formerly Lehi) is a locals favorite for a range of dishes, all of which are wallet friendly and available seven days a week. Indeed, ...
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Seoul Korean Best Teriyaki Restaurant menu

If you're in the Layton area and looking for great flavors on a budget you don't need to look further than this restaurant. Known also as Best Teriyaki Restaurant to ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Kimchi House menu

Located in Yun’s Korean Market in Layton is this modest mom and pop Korean eatery; this casual sit down part of the business is known as Kimchi House. Laytonians will ...
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Thai Lao Market - khao soi (Thai Lao Market)

Thai Lao Market menu

Thai Lao Market in West Valley City offers a range of services. As well as offering a wide range of Asian ingredients the business also offers cooking classes and a ...
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Fat Boy Phillies - cheesesteak and fries (Jeff Olson)

Fat Boy Phillies menu

Fat Boy Phillies in Murray is the work of owner Olive Duran. The restaurant, new for 2018, keeps the menu simple and focuses on just one favorite dishes: classic Philly ...
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Generic grocery store shelves

7-Eleven Menu | Prices | Info

One of the most familiar sites across America is 7-Eleven. When you're in a rush and in need of something cheap, 7-Eleven might just hit the spot with their pizzas, ...
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Generic Mexican food nachos (Freepik)

El Rey Del Pollo menu

This North Salt Lake City Mexican restaurant specializes in one particular mouth watering item: grilled Mexican chicken. You can order up that wonderful chicken in a number of ways too: ...
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La Fountain cuisine - credit La Fountain

La Fountain | Menu | Prices | Delivery

La Fountain is one of several businesses that stems from the work of Antonio Tovar in 1980. La Fountain currently has six locations in Utah, each independently operated and ran, ...
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Sconecutter - chicken club scone with fries and fry sauce. Credit, Sconecutter

Sconecutter menu

Sconecutter is a Utah classic, first opening in downtown Salt Lake City in 1977. The family owned business was an instant hit growing to locations across Utah at one point ...
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Red Moose Coffee Company - muffin and coffee. Credit, Red Moose

Red Moose Coffee Company menu

Red Moose Coffee Company is a coffee shop in Sugar House that also offers a range of sandwiches and paninis not to mention breakfast. Open seven days a week the ...
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The Bird Syracuse - tender on a bun. Credit, The Bird

The Bird menu

The concept for The Bird in Syracuse Utah is simple. In their own words: "mouth-watering tenders, bites, and sides. Real simple. Real fast." Which is plenty fine by us. If ...
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Grinders 13 sign. Credit Grinders

Grinders 13 West Valley City

Grinders 13 has been serving East coast sub sandwiches SLC for more than 40 years. All deli meats are sliced fresh daily, right down to slow cooking the roast for ...
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Grinders 13 sign. Credit Grinders

Grinders 13 menu

Grinders 13 has been serving East coast sub sandwiches SLC for more than 40 years. All deli meats are sliced fresh daily, right down to slow cooking the roast for ...
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Kiitos Brewing in Salt Lake City. Credit Kiitos

Kiitos Brewing menu

Kiitos Brewing is a craft brewer in the heart of Salt Lake City. Like many craft brewers they offer a tap room where you can grab a brew to go, ...
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Donut Star. Credit Donut Star

Donut Star Menu

Donut Star in Draper is a donut shop that's open every hour of the day. Yep, that's right, you can grab a donut, donut hole or bagel 24 hours around ...
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Fajita Grill - combo plate. Credit John Vest

Fajita Grill menu

Fajita Grill in Salt Lake City offers a range of Texan-Mexican cuisine classics, at bargain prices that are sure to put a smile on your face. On top of the ...
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Dragon Diner menu

Dragon Diner has been a staple of the Millcreek area for decades. The causal restaurant offers a classic American-Chinese menu full of comforting foods like chow mein and egg foo ...
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Normal Ice Cream - salted ice cream bar. Credit, Normal

Normal Ice Cream food truck menu

Normal Ice Cream is the work of the insanely talented Alexa Norlin. Formerly of the equally exceptional HSL restaurant and their fabulous desserts, not least a slew of other eateries, ...
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Siam Noodle Bar - green curry. Credit SNB

Siam Noodle Bar menu

The third business from Thai-food expert Anny Sooksri, opened up in a hospital. Yep, you read that right and as such - this is probably the best hospital food you'll ...
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Tacos Mi Caramelo - al pastor tacos. Credit Tacos Mi Caramelo

Tacos Mi Caramelo menu

This restaurant in West Valley City is all about four simple things: Tacos, Mulitas, Vampiros and Quesadillas. Once you've picked what type of dish you want, simply choose the type ...
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Pho Hue Ky cuisine, credit PHK

Pho Hue Ky menu

Moving into the spot left vacant by CY Noodles who moved just a few doors down for bigger digs, comes Pho Hue Ky, a new Vietnamese restaurant for South Salt ...
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Big Tortas - stuffed torta. Credit, Tyillere Hansen

Big Tortas menu

Big Tortas on 39th South specializes in big, bold, Mexican tortas - magnificent creations overflowing with fillings. Which means, in the words of the restaurant itself, "you should be completely ...
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Hi Mountain in Kamas. Credit, Adam Blair

Hi-Mountain menu

Family owned and operated since 1968, this burger joint in Kamas Utah is a slice of American history. Located in a drug store, yep you read that right, you can ...
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Penny Anns Cafe - smothered breakfast burrito. Credit, Penny Anns

Penny Ann’s Cafe menu

Penny Ann's Cafe is the epitome of the classic American diner. You'll find heaving plates, home cooked cuisine and prices that will leaving you smiling even longer than the food ...
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Sweet Ginger - beef, tofu, noodles in hot pot. Credit, Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger menu

Sweet Ginger in Midvale offers one of the most authentic Chinese menus in Utah. Sweet Ginger has particular specialties with Shanghai, Szechuan, Hunan and Mandarin dishes. The restaurant also offers ...
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Rollz and bowls - lemongrass beef noodle salad. Credit, Rollz and bowls

Rollz and bowls menu

Located in the South end of the Taylorsville Harmons building is this family owned Vietnamese restaurant. Open all day long, seven days a week the restaurant offers a range of ...
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One More Noodle House - spicy noodles, credit one more noodle

One More Noodle House menu

One More Noodle House menu is the business that opened when CY Noodle House left this spot to move a few doors down in late 2017. The business is still ...
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Sweeto Burrito - sweet chile mama burrito. Credit, Sweeto Burrito

Sweeto Burrito menu

This mini regional chain started in North Dakota and has now spread to Utah - where it's been a huge success. Sweeto Burrito offers a range of crazy cool burrito ...
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Ginger Tofu Noodle Salad (Vegan Bowl)

Vegan Bowl menu

Vegan Bowl is 100% vegan restaurant new to West Jordan Utah in early 2018. The family owned and operated restaurant serves up a full range of Vietnamese classics, all 100% ...
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Belgian Waffle And Omelet Inn menu - waffles and bacon 24 hours a day. Credit Belgian Waffles

Belgian Waffle And Omelet Inn menu

This is one of the very few restaurants in Utah that is open around the clock 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That means you can grab waffle ...
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Sill's Cafe - classic Utah scones. Credit Sills

Sill’s Cafe menu

Since 1957 Sill's Cafe has been one of Northern Davis County's most cherished gathering place. Layton locals come for the home cooked classics available for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven ...
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Finn's Cafe - fresh Danish pastries. Credit Finn's

Finn’s Cafe menu

Since 1952 this family owned and operated Cafe has powered many a Salt Lakers breakfast and lunch for 62 years. Finn's Cafe offers both classic American dishes and traditional Norwegian ...
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Arctic Circle - Black Angus burger fries and shake. Credit Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle | Menu | Prices

There surely isn't a Utah original as famous as Arctic Circle. The burger joint is the reputed inventor of Utah's famed fry sauce and its own secret recipe has been ...
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The Habit Burger Grill. Crdit Habit Burger

The Habit Burger Grill menu with prices

The Habit Burger Grill is a national chain that hails from California. Now with multiple locations in Utah, locals get to experience the brands' award winning flame grilled burgers across ...
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The Robins Nest - sadwiches galore. Credit Robins Nest

The Robin’s Nest menu

If you're looking for lunch in downtown Salt Lake City, The Robin's Nest should be at the top of your list. This wallet friendly sandwich, soup and salad shop has ...
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El Morelense - tacos al pastor. Credit, el Morelense

El Morelense menu

Since 2007 this Redwood Road eatery has been offering what they think is the very best al pastor meat in all Utah; and a brief glance at their Facebook photos ...
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Taqueria El Rey de Oros - tacos. Credit SLC Foodie

Taqueria El Rey de Oros menu

This modest taco shop on the West side of SLC is popular with locals for many reason: great prices and great authentic cuisine. The tacos and horchata are must buys ...
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Costco food court

Costco food court menu and prices

Who doesn't love Costco? Aisle upon aisle of bargains stacked to the roof, plus at the turn of every corner, samples galore! And after all that shopping, or even before ...
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Hires Big H - burger andr rings. Credit Hires

Hires Big H menu

What's more to say about Hires Big H, that's not already been said? Hires is an iconic Utah institution. Dating back to 1959, the SLC location still offers classic car ...
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Tacos Don Rafa - tacos

Tacos Don Rafa menu

Since 1998, Tacos Don Rafa has wowed locals, many hailing it as the very best taco in Salt Lake City hands down. Often found in the popular Sears parking lot ...
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Monkeywrench - vegan ice cream

Monkeywrench menu

This sister restaurant to next door Bolt Cutter, Monkeywrench offers a similar 100% vegan friendly menu. Here you'll find a vegan ice cream and coffee shop replete with various house ...
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Twin Suns Cafe - Uncle Tommy’s wet burrito. Credit Josh Shimizu

Twin Suns Cafe menu

Twin Suns Cafe replaces the former Rocky Mountain Grill restaurant in the center of Sugar House. At first glance you'd think this was a classic American style diner. But dig ...
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Victor's Restaurant exterior. Credit Slug Mag

Victor’s Restaurant

Ran by Victor Galindo wife Elvia, Victor's Restaurant is perhaps the only place in Utah where you can grab a taco while having your tires rotated - affixed as it ...
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Dasks Greek Grill - gyro with bacon. Credit, dasks

Dasks Greek Grill menu

Dasks has been a Greek cuisine name of renown in Utah for more than 30 years. Starting life in the old Crossroads Mall through to their present location in Old ...
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Siegfried's Deli - Credit, Heather L King

Siegfried’s Delicatessen menu

Siegfried's Delicatessen is an institution, keeping downtown workers and visitors alike well feed since 1971; the business has a restaurant, deli and small market of goods to go. Amongst the ...
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Crown Burgers - burger with pastrami and fries

Crown Burgers menu

Crown Burgers is now of the most famous restaurant chains in Salt Lake City, and still family owned and run. The iconic Crown Burger topped with layers of meltingly soft ...
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Cubbys Chicago Beef - The Gypsy, credit Cubbys.

Cubby’s Chicago Beef menu

This family run business from Provo started over a love of sandwiches and salads. Husband and wife team Cubby and Amanda's concept is clearly a hit with Utahns - there ...
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In N Out burger - number one combo - Credit In N Out

In-N-Out Burger | Menu | Prices

Finding prices for fast food restaurants can be hard. In-N-Out Burger, the popular California burger chain is no different. It's hard to find the prices for their awesome burgers and ...
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Dickey's Barbecue Pit SLC

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Salt Lake City menu

Dickey's BBQ Per is a national chain restaurant that serves up classic BBQ plates, sandwiches and sides. With 600 locations nationwide, Dickeys has 10 locations across Utah. For 45% off ...
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Boltcutter - BBQ tacos. Credit, Purefood

Bolt Cutter menu

Bolt Cutter in Salt Lake City is a vegan restaurant from the folks behind the popular Buds sandwich shop. In the words of the business itself, "The time has finally ...
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Rancherito's Mexican Food - cuisine. Credit, Facebook.

Rancherito’s | Menu | Hours | Info

Wallet friendly prices, open 24 hours and with more than 15+ locations around the valley, Rancherito's Mexican Food is a goto for many Salt Lakers for late night eats, and ...
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Apollo Burger menu

One of Salt Lake City's best options for fast food with a Greek infusion. That means you can find everything from classic burgers through to pastrami laden mammoths and great ...
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Chicken Express - gyro plate. Credit Chicken Express Facebook page

Chicken Express menu

Chicken Express offers a menu packed with juicy chicken selections all at wallet friendly prices. Order up everything from a whole chicken with sides for the whole family or maybe ...
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Curry Corner Cafe

Curry Corner Cafe menu

Curry Corner Cafe is a new (as of early 2017) Indian-Pakistani-Middle Eastern cafe, opening inside the Qaderi Sweetz 'N' Spicez market on State Street. You'll find well recognized staples such ...
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Town And Country Market - turkey pot roast sandwich

Town And Country Market menu

Town and Country Market is a classic deli, loved by locals and owned by locals. The market is goto spot for many folks who pack the place out every lunch ...
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bruges waffles and frites - frites

Bruges Waffles And Frites menu

Who doesn't love a good French fry? That's right, no one. Which is no doubt why this business - that started life in a mini downtown SLC spot - has ...
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johnny slice pizza

Johnny Slice menu

Pizza by the slice is the name of the game at Johnny Slice in downtown Salt Lake City - starting from just three bucks a slice. Equally perfect for a ...
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doner kebab express - doner meat

Doner Kebab Express menu

If you've ever traveled through Europe, you'll know one of the things we miss the most in SLC are true doner kebabs. This popular Middle Eastern dish made Euro staple ...
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Stellar Wings galatic fries

Stellar Wings menu

New to State Street in 2017 this family owned and operated restaurant serving wings, wraps, galactic chicken fries (pictured) and many other dishes too. If you go for the namesake ...
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Cupbop cuisine (Cupbop)

Cupbop menu

With locations all across the Wasatch Front now and multiple food trucks - the Korean BBQ in a cup from Cupbop shows no sign of losing popularity with Utahns; in ...
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Chef's breakfast The Other Place restaurant

The Other Place restaurant menu

One of the best breakfast spots in Salt Lake City hands down. Friendly, affordable and fast - oh - and a menu that covers all the American and Greek comfort ...
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Nicos restaurant Tilapia fish tacos. Credit, Brett Ricley, Google Local Guide.

Nico’s Restaurant menu

Nico's Restaurant in North West Salt Lake City has a menu packed with value. From their $5.99 daily specials through hefty combination plates that don't even break the ten dollar ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Mulan Chinese Restaurant menu

Mulan Chinese Restaurant in Sandy offers a range of familiar dishes most families will know and love. Egg Rolls, Kung Pao Chicken, Beef With Brocolli, Egg FooYoung and more, there's ...
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greek souvlaki gyro and fries

Greek Souvlaki downtown menu

If there's one type of cuisine Salt Laker's are no stranger to, it's Greek. The valley is littered with options, North to South. A favorite of downtown residents is Greek ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Alexa’s Baked Potato Restaurant menu

If you've drive past the 33rd intersection of State Street recently you've no doubt seen the brightly painted building that is Alexa's Baked Potato Restaurant. The menu at Alexa's is ...
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kabob stop naan

Kabob Stop menu

Kabob Stop in South Salt Lake offers a treasure trove of tandoor treats. As you might expect from the name, the menu here is built around kabobs; mainly chicken, beef ...
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este deli logo

Este Deli menu

Este Deli was founded by the same folks who original created Este Pizza. Serving up a range of solid classics like hot and cold hoagies, pickles, burgers, dogs and more ...
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hectors mexican food carne asada plate

Hector’s Mexican Food menu

The constant line of cars piled up at Hector's drive through window day and night is testament to the restaurant's much loved concept: solid portions, killer prices, and man oh ...
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Chubbys Mexican Restaurant

Chubby’s Mexican Restaurant menu

A neighborhood eatery with a focus on Mexican cuisine located in Rose Park. In their own words, Chubby's offers "fresh, great homemade food made with love, family owned, ma and ...
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All Chay vegan cuisine. Credit, Talyn Sherer

All Chay menu

All Chay in Rose Park offers exclusively vegan, Vietnamese cuisine. From noodle dishes like those pictured above through vibrant fresh rice paper rolls to satisfyingly crunchy banh mi sandwiches. All ...
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Breakfast at Sharons Cafe (Holladay Chamber of Commerce

Sharon’s Cafe | Menu | Hours | Delivery

Who doesn't love breakfast? That's right no one, which is why Sharon's Cafe in Holladay is such a popular spot with locals. The restaurant offers up a range of tasty ...
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Freebirds World Burrito - credit Freebirds

Freebirds World Burrito | Menu | Prices | Delivery

Freebirds is a national chain with several locations here in Utah. The star of the show are the build your own burritos that are offered in a range of sizes ...
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Bumblebees Korean BBQ

Bumblebees BBQ and Grill menu

Bumblebees BBQ and Grill takes over from where Wasatch Moon Cafe left off. Great comfort food such as burgers, brisket and fries in a casual setting. But, wait, there's more ...
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Best Chicken And Ribs - chicken kabobs and seasoned rice

Best Chicken And Ribs menu

Best Chicken And Ribs in South Salt Lake might just be one of the best dining deals for your dollar in all the valley. The prices here are are unreasonably ...
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Boba World in Woods Cross

Boba World restaurant menu

Boba World in Northern Salt Lake, Woods Cross to be precise, is a hidden gem. Specializing in Shanghai dishes, there are many unique dishes to experience here - including great ...
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Curry Fried Chicken - fried chicken plate. Credit Facebook

Curry Fried Chicken menu

You like curry? You like fried chicken? Why not mix the two together right? Well that's the main staple at Curry Fried Chicken - fabulously crunchy and delicious juicy fried ...
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Mad Greek - gyro

Mad Greek restaurant menu

One of SLC's finest spots to grab a bite to eat on the go - mixing both quality and affordability. Our standout favorite here is the classic gyro and a ...
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Long Life Vegi House - kung pao chicken

Long Life Vegi House menu

Long Life Vegi house has been a staple of 33rd South for more than two decades now. The restaurant has served as a delicious haven for Vegetarians and open minded ...
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Koko Kitchen menu

These two pictures show the majority of Koko Kitchen's menu (please note sushi selections are not pictured). The shots were submitted by a reader of the site, and were taken ...
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Generic sandwich ingredients (Freepik)

Super Grinders restaurant menu

These photographs were taken while waiting in the drive through lane of the ever popular Super Grinders, mid 2010: This restaurant has churned out subs for hungry lunchers for decades ...
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Yanni's Greek Express menu - gyro with red sauce

Yanni’s Greek Express | Menu | Prices

Yanni's Greek Express in Sugar House is one of my personal favorites in Salt Lake City when it comes to Greek food - fast. I've a particular soft spot for ...
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