Best cheap eats in Salt Lake City 2020

Arctic Circle - burnt ends
Arctic Circle – burnt ends

Somedays you just need to stretch your budget a little. That’s why we compiled this list of the best cheap eats in Salt Lake City. One man’s cheap is another’s expensive though, so we did apply some logic to the collection. So how do we judge what’s a bargain and what’s not?

All the restaurants listed here have plenty of filling options you can order for under $10 and still get change. In this day and age, we call that cheap eats I think. If you’re looking for something close to you right now check out our other page of cheap eats near me.

The following are 50 random restaurants with cheap dining options. If you can’t find something you like just refresh the page for fifty more random suggestions.

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Pho Hue Ky cuisine, credit PHK

Pho Hue Ky menu

Moving into the spot left vacant by CY Noodles who moved just a few doors down for bigger digs, comes Pho Hue Ky, a new Vietnamese restaurant for South Salt ...
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Generic beef sub sandwich

Arby’s menu

Arby's is one of America's favorite fast food locations with more than 3000 locations across the country. Famous for their roast beef sandwiches the restaurant also offers much more; recent ...
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Chuck's Burger - big cheese

Chuck’s Burger menu

Chuck's Burger is a casual restaurant located in Layton Utah. The special of the house is the Chuck burger that comes loaded with a thick slice of ham. Chuck's Burger ...
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The Robins Nest - sadwiches galore. Credit Robins Nest

The Robin’s Nest menu

If you're looking for lunch in downtown Salt Lake City, The Robin's Nest should be at the top of your list. This wallet friendly sandwich, soup and salad shop has ...
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Siegfried's Deli - Credit, Heather L King

Siegfried’s Delicatessen menu

Siegfried's Delicatessen is an institution, keeping downtown workers and visitors alike well feed since 1971; the business has a restaurant, deli and small market of goods to go. Amongst the ...
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Generic grocery store shelves

7-Eleven Menu | Prices | Info

One of the most familiar sites across America is 7-Eleven. When you're in a rush and in need of something cheap, 7-Eleven might just hit the spot with their pizzas, ...
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Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls

Cinnaholic menu

Cinnaholic is a dessert shop in downtown SLC with a menu built around build your own cinnamon rolls. Worthy of note is that everything on the menu here is 100% ...
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Duck Donuts - box of donuts

Duck Donuts menu

Duck Donuts is a dessert shop located in South Jordan. This is the first location for the national chain in Utah. Duck Donuts menu The following Duck Donuts menu is ...
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Normal Ice Cream - salted ice cream bar. Credit, Normal

Normal Ice Cream food truck menu

Normal Ice Cream is the work of the insanely talented Alexa Norlin. Formerly of the equally exceptional HSL restaurant and their fabulous desserts, not least a slew of other eateries, ...
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That Sandwich Shop - stacked sandwiches (That Sandwich Shop)

That Sandwich Shop menu

This family owned business opened in 2005 and has been going strong ever since; serving a classic sandwich shop menu of hot and cold favorites. The business is open five ...
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Mad Greek - gyro

Mad Greek restaurant menu

One of SLC's finest spots to grab a bite to eat on the go - mixing both quality and affordability. Our standout favorite here is the classic gyro and a ...
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Millie's Burgers sign (Millie's)

Millie’s Burgers menu

Milile's has been a staple of central Sugar House for decades, feeding those in search of a quick meal - and always easy on the wallet. With 40 years under ...
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Fat Boy Phillies - cheesesteak and fries (Jeff Olson)

Fat Boy Phillies menu

Fat Boy Phillies in Murray is the work of owner Olive Duran. The restaurant, new for 2018, keeps the menu simple and focuses on just one favorite dishes: classic Philly ...
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Freebirds World Burrito - credit Freebirds

Freebirds World Burrito menu

Freebirds is a national chain with several locations here in Utah. The star of the show are the build your own burritos that are offered in a range of sizes ...
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Yanni's Greek Express menu - gyro with red sauce

Yanni’s Greek Express | Menu | Prices

Yanni's Greek Express in Sugar House is one of my personal favorites in Salt Lake City when it comes to Greek food - fast. I've a particular soft spot for ...
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Red Lantern - egg roll (Bill Gillane)

Red Lantern menu

Red Lantern in West Jordan offers a classic American-Chinese menu: rice and noodle dishes, a variety of proteins and a solid selection of lunch specials at great prices. Red Lantern ...
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Pending restaurant picture

Bewilder Brewing menu

Bewilder Brewing is a new brewery located in Salt Lake City. The brewery is open seven days a week and is notable in creating a solid food menu. Of particular ...
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Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill - molcajete

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill menu

Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill is a Mexican restaurant located in Taylorsville Utah. The restaurant has a particular specialty range of seafood dishes! Puerto Vallarta Mexican Grill menu The following Puerto ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Alexa’s Baked Potato Restaurant menu

If you've drive past the 33rd intersection of State Street recently you've no doubt seen the brightly painted building that is Alexa's Baked Potato Restaurant. The menu at Alexa's is ...
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Long Life Vegi House - kung pao chicken

Long Life Vegi House menu

Long Life Vegi house has been a staple of 33rd South for more than two decades now. The restaurant has served as a delicious haven for Vegetarians and open minded ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Teriyaki Boy menu

Teriyaki Boy is a casual Japanese restaurant located in Draper Utah. The mainstay of the men are teriyaki bowl dishes - with thirteen different options available. The menu also includes ...
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Taqueria El Rey de Oros - tacos. Credit SLC Foodie

Taqueria El Rey de Oros menu

This modest taco shop on the West side of SLC is popular with locals for many reason: great prices and great authentic cuisine. The tacos and horchata are must buys ...
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Grinders 13 sign. Credit Grinders

Grinders 13 West Valley City

Grinders 13 has been serving East coast sub sandwiches SLC for more than 40 years. All deli meats are sliced fresh daily, right down to slow cooking the roast for ...
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Boltcutter - BBQ tacos. Credit, Purefood

Bolt Cutter menu

Bolt Cutter in Salt Lake City is a vegan restaurant from the folks behind the popular Buds sandwich shop. In the words of the business itself, "The time has finally ...
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El Famous Betos - carne asada fries (El Famous Betos)

El Famous Beto’s menu

El Famous Beto’s is a restaurant in Ogden in Northern Utah. The restaurant offers a wide ranging menu of Mexican favorites and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; indeed ...
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Pirate O's - Italian sandwich (Pirate O's)

Pirate O’s menu

Pirate O's is a gourmet market and deli located in Draper Utah. The market offers specialty grocery options such as hot sauces, candy, cooking sauces and more. On the deli ...
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doner kebab express - doner meat

Doner Kebab Express menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We will add the menu to our website ASAP in an ...
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Queen Tea

Queen Tea menu

Queen Tea is a tea shop located in Taylorsville Utah. The shop serves up a range of tea styles including classic hot and milk teas. The business also sports a ...
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Sozo Kitchen - Beef brisket tomato

Sozo Kitchen menu

Sozo Kitchen menu is a small Taiwanese restaurant in South Salt Lake City. The menu is modest like the space, but prices are extremely affordable! Sozo Kitchen menu The following ...
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Tacos Don Rafa - tacos

Tacos Don Rafa menu

Since 1998, Tacos Don Rafa has wowed locals, many hailing it as the very best taco in Salt Lake City hands down. Often found in the popular Sears parking lot ...
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La Fountain cuisine - credit La Fountain

La Fountain | Menu | Prices | Delivery

La Fountain is one of several businesses that stems from the work of Antonio Tovar in 1980. La Fountain currently has six locations in Utah, each independently operated and ran, ...
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Big Tortas - stuffed torta. Credit, Tyillere Hansen

Big Tortas menu

Big Tortas on 39th South specializes in big, bold, Mexican tortas - magnificent creations overflowing with fillings. Which means, in the words of the restaurant itself, "you should be completely ...
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Burger King Whopper

Burger King menu prices

Home of the Whopper - one of America's favorite fast food burgers - and much much more. If you're looking for what's on the full Burger King menu, prices included, ...
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Curry Fried Chicken - fried chicken plate. Credit Facebook

Curry Fried Chicken menu

You like curry? You like fried chicken? Why not mix the two together right? Well that's the main staple at Curry Fried Chicken - fabulously crunchy and delicious juicy fried ...
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Deli sandwich (Caputo's)

Caputo’s Holladay menu

Caputo's is one of SLC's most well known businesses with multiple locations across the valley. The deli offers a range of imported and domestic gourmet items, plus stellar soups, salads ...
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The Hut in Provo

Dirty Bird menu

Dirty Bird is a fried chicken sandwich shop located in Provo Utah. The restaurant is located in The Hut, a food hall concept home to several different food options. Dirty ...
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PDQ - chicken tenders (PDQ)

PDQ menu

PDQ stands for People Dedicated to Quality - which is the founding ethos of this Florda based fast food company. A relatively new business founded in 2009, but making waves ...
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Chinese BBQ at Little World Chinese Restaurant (Little World)

Little World menu

Do you have a menu for this restaurant? Please email if so, we'd love to hear from you! We will add the menu to our website ASAP in an ...
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hectors mexican food carne asada plate

Hector’s Mexican Food menu

The constant line of cars piled up at Hector's drive through window day and night is testament to the restaurant's much loved concept: solid portions, killer prices, and man oh ...
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Monkeywrench - vegan ice cream

Monkeywrench menu

This sister restaurant to next door Bolt Cutter, Monkeywrench offers a similar 100% vegan friendly menu. Here you'll find a vegan ice cream and coffee shop replete with various house ...
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Generic coffee (freepik |mrsiraphol)

Starbucks menu

Starbucks is one of the most popular fast food locations in all of Northern America - in fact it routinely places in the top five fast food franchises for system ...
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Cupbop cuisine (Cupbop)

Cupbop menu

With locations all across the Wasatch Front and multiple food trucks - the Korean BBQ in a cup from Cupbop shows no sign of losing popularity with Utahns; in fact ...
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este deli logo

Este Deli menu

Este Deli was founded by the same folks who original created Este Pizza. Serving up a range of solid classics like hot and cold hoagies, pickles, burgers, dogs and more ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Sea Bears Fish House menu

Sea Bears Scottish American Fish House is a restaurant in Bountiful Utah that lays claim to the best fish and chips in all of Northern Utah. Check out the menu ...
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Doki Doki - rolled ice cream (Doki Doki)

Doki Doki menu

Doki Doki is an ice cream shop in downtown Salt Lake City, albeit one with an exotic twist. The Asian inspired menu at Doki Doki offers a completely unique way ...
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Generic salad

Lettuce And Ladles menu

Lettuce And Ladles is a lunch and early dinner spot in Millcreek Utah. Located close the Canyon Rim area on 33rd the menu features healthy salads and soups, plus a ...
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