Best cheap eats in Salt Lake City

Somedays you just need to stretch your budget a little. That’s why we compiled this list of the best cheap eats in Salt Lake City. One mans cheap is another’s expensive though, so we did apply some logic to the collection. So how do we judge what’s a bargain and what’s not?

All the restaurants listed here have plenty of filling options you can order for under $10 and still get change. In this day and age, we call that cheap eats I think. If you’re looking for something close to you right now check out our other page of cheap eats near me.

The following are 50 random restaurants with cheap dining options. If you can’t find something you like just refresh the page for fifty more random suggestions.

Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Tokyo Teriyaki Midvale menu

Tokyo Teriyaki is a new restaurant from the family that owned and operated the much loved Kowloon Cafe. The restaurant opened two locations in 2019, one in Sugar House and ...
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Sill's Cafe - classic Utah scones. Credit Sills

Sill’s Cafe menu

Since 1957 Sill's Cafe has been one of Northern Davis County's most cherished gathering place. Layton locals come for the home cooked classics available for breakfast, lunch and dinner seven ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Seoul Korean Best Teriyaki Restaurant menu

If you're in the Layton area and looking for great flavors on a budget you don't need to look further than this restaurant. Known also as Best Teriyaki Restaurant to ...
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Atlantis Burgers - pastrami burger (Foody Fellowship)

Atlantis Burgers menu

Atlantis Burgers is a fast food restaurant located in North Salt Lake Utah. The menu features the familiar American-Greek mix up as the name suggests; in similar vein to local ...
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Al' s Cafe - whole fish (Al's Cafe)

Al’s Cafe menu

As best we know Al's Cafe in Farmington is the only place in the entire state of Utah to get traditional Filipino cuisine. That means delicious authentic dishes such as ...
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Generic salad

Lettuce And Ladles menu

Lettuce And Ladles is a lunch and early dinner spot in Millcreek Utah. Located close the Canyon Rim area on 33rd the menu features healthy salads and soups, plus a ...
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Long Life Vegi House - kung pao chicken

Long Life Vegi House menu

Long Life Vegi house has been a staple of 33rd South for more than two decades now. The restaurant has served as a delicious haven for Vegetarians and open minded ...
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Foodie And Sweetie - sheng jian

Foodie And Sweetie menu

Foodie And Sweetie is a small Chinese restaurant in the Avenues of Salt Lake City that also offers a small range of Asian goods. Of particular note, be sure to ...
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Dragon Diner menu - dinner combinations

Dragon Diner menu

Dragon Diner has been a staple of the Millcreek area for decades. The causal restaurant offers a classic American-Chinese menu full of comforting foods like chow mein and egg foo ...
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Chinese BBQ at Little World Chinese Restaurant (Little World)

Little World menu

Little World in Salt Lake City has been a staple of State Street for as long as we can remember. The Cantonese leaning restaurant offers a huge menu with hundreds ...
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Ginger Tofu Noodle Salad (Vegan Bowl)

Vegan Bowl menu

Vegan Bowl is 100% vegan restaurant new to West Jordan Utah in early 2018. The family owned and operated restaurant serves up a full range of Vietnamese classics, all 100% ...
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Zimbu counter (Zimbu)

Zimbu menu

Zimbu is a fast causal Indian and Nepalese restaurant located in the City Creek food court, in downtown Salt Lake City. The restaurant offers up a range of delicious flavors ...
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Millie's Burgers sign (Millie's)

Millie’s Burgers menu

Milile's has been a staple of central Sugar House for decades, feeding those in search of a quick meal - and always easy on the wallet. With 40 years under ...
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Generic restaurant blurred photo (Freepik)

Korean Bistro menu

Korean Bistro menu The following Korean Bistro menu is dated April 2018: The above Korean Bistro menu was provided by the restaurant directly. Other interesting menus and items from our ...
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Selections at Panda Express

Panda Express menu with prices

Panda Express is one of America's favorite fast food destinations. The restaurant offers popular Chinese food dishes in a quick service setup - simply select your type of meal, the ...
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Big Tortas - stuffed torta. Credit, Tyillere Hansen

Big Tortas menu

Big Tortas on 39th South specializes in big, bold, Mexican tortas - magnificent creations overflowing with fillings. Which means, in the words of the restaurant itself, "you should be completely ...
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Pirate O's - Italian sandwich (Pirate O's)

Pirate O’s menu

Pirate O's is a gourmet market and deli located in Draper Utah. The market offers specialty grocery options such as hot sauces, candy, cooking sauces and more. On the deli ...
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Red Lantern - egg roll (Bill Gillane)

Red Lantern menu

Red Lantern in West Jordan offers a classic American-Chinese menu: rice and noodle dishes, a variety of proteins and a solid selection of lunch specials at great prices. Red Lantern ...
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Gual Bertos menu

Gual Bertos is a fast food Mexican restaurant in Utah. The restaurant has all your favorite treats, not only at bargain prices - but 24 hours around the clock! Gual ...
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doner kebab express - doner meat

Doner Kebab Express menu

If you've ever traveled through Europe, you'll know one of the things we miss the most in SLC are true doner kebabs. This popular Middle Eastern dish made Euro staple ...
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Generic exotic spices (Freepik)

BFF Turon menu

BFF Turon is a Filipino restaurant located in West Jordan Utah. The restaurant offers a range of authentic Filipino dishes. Everything from adobo through to sisig and sinigang. BFF Turon ...
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Best Chicken And Ribs - chicken kabobs and seasoned rice

Best Chicken And Ribs menu

Best Chicken And Ribs in South Salt Lake might just be one of the best dining deals for your dollar in all the valley. The prices here are are unreasonably ...
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Fajita Grill - combo plate. Credit John Vest

Fajita Grill menu

Fajita Grill in Salt Lake City offers a range of Texan-Mexican cuisine classics, at bargain prices that are sure to put a smile on your face. On top of the ...
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Burger King Whopper

Burger King menu prices

Home of the Whopper - one of America's favorite fast food burgers - and much much more. If you're looking for what's on the full Burger King menu, prices included, ...
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Generic breakfast (lifeforstock | Freepik)

Polar King Drive-Inn menu

Polar King Drive-Inn is a casual restaurant located in Coalville Utah. The menu offers both American and Mexican classics, a range of comfort foods sure to hit the spot. Polar ...
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Generic grocery store shelves

7-Eleven Menu | Prices | Info

One of the most familiar sites across America is 7-Eleven. When you're in a rush and in need of something cheap, 7-Eleven might just hit the spot with their pizzas, ...
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Yanni's Greek Express menu - gyro with red sauce

Yanni’s Greek Express | Menu | Prices

Yanni's Greek Express in Sugar House is one of my personal favorites in Salt Lake City when it comes to Greek food - fast. I've a particular soft spot for ...
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Apollo Burger menu

Apollo Burger menu

One of Salt Lake City's best options for fast food with a Greek infusion. That means you can find everything from classic burgers through to pastrami laden mammoths and great ...
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Cinnaholic cinnamon rolls

Cinnaholic menu

Cinnaholic is a dessert shop in downtown SLC with a menu built around build your own cinnamon rolls. Worthy of note is that everything on the menu here is 100% ...
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Generic gyro picture

Tickles Restaurant menu

Tickles is a family owned fast food restaurant in Millcreek Utah. The restaurant offers a familiar Greek-American mix that is popular on various menus around town. Tickles Restaurant menu The ...
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greek souvlaki gyro and fries

Greek Souvlaki downtown menu

If there's one type of cuisine Salt Laker's are no stranger to, it's Greek. The valley is littered with options, North to South. A favorite of downtown residents is Greek ...
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Generic rice in a bowl (Freepik)

Teriyaki Boy menu

Teriyaki Boy is a casual Japanese restaurant located in Draper Utah. The mainstay of the men are teriyaki bowl dishes - with thirteen different options available. The menu also includes ...
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Red Moose Coffee Company - muffin and coffee. Credit, Red Moose

Red Moose Coffee Company menu

Red Moose Coffee Company is a coffee shop in Sugar House that also offers a range of sandwiches and paninis not to mention breakfast. Open seven days a week the ...
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Dasks Greek Grill - gyro with bacon. Credit, dasks

Dasks Greek Grill menu

Dasks has been a Greek cuisine name of renown in Utah for more than 30 years. Starting life in the old Crossroads Mall through to their present location in Old ...
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That Sandwich Shop - stacked sandwiches (That Sandwich Shop)

That Sandwich Shop menu

This family owned business opened in 2005 and has been going strong ever since; serving a classic sandwich shop menu of hot and cold favorites. The business is open five ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Midvale Mining Cafe menu

Oftentimes just referred to as Miner's but kong time regulars, this Midvale diner spot is a popular location for every meal of the day. Open seven days a week for ...
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Breakfast at Sharons Cafe (Holladay Chamber of Commerce

Sharon’s Cafe | Menu | Hours | Delivery

Who doesn't love breakfast? That's right no one, which is why Sharon's Cafe in Holladay is such a popular spot with locals. The restaurant offers up a range of tasty ...
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Generic restaurant interior 2 (Freepik)

Alexa’s Baked Potato Restaurant menu

If you've drive past the 33rd intersection of State Street recently you've no doubt seen the brightly painted building that is Alexa's Baked Potato Restaurant. The menu at Alexa's is ...
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Thai Lao Market - khao soi (Thai Lao Market)

Thai Lao Market menu

Thai Lao Market in West Valley City offers a range of services. As well as offering a wide range of Asian ingredients the business also offers cooking classes and a ...
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Generic pizza image

Big Daddy’s Pizza menu

Big Daddy's Pizza is ap popular pizza restaurant chain in Utah. The business promosies "pizza to the whole valley, 365 days a year", meaning you can grab a tasty pie ...
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Breakfast (Millcreek Cafe and Eggworks)

Millcreek Cafe And Eggworks menu

Millcreek Cafe And Eggworks is a cafe located in Millcreek Utah. The casual restaurant is open early, seven days a week. Extra special of note is that breakfast is served ...
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la frontera soft shell taco and smothered burrito

La Frontera menu

Founded by Anotnio Tovas, La Frontera now stretches the Wasatch front with locations from Roy to Salt Lake City to St. George. The popularity of the Mexican restaurant is clear: ...
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Sweet Ginger - beef, tofu, noodles in hot pot. Credit, Sweet Ginger

Sweet Ginger menu

Sweet Ginger in Midvale offers one of the most authentic Chinese menus in Utah. Sweet Ginger has particular specialties with Shanghai, Szechuan, Hunan and Mandarin dishes. The restaurant also offers ...
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Pho Hue Ky cuisine, credit PHK

Pho Hue Ky menu

Moving into the spot left vacant by CY Noodles who moved just a few doors down for bigger digs, comes Pho Hue Ky, a new Vietnamese restaurant for South Salt ...
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Bok Bok Chicken Utah - snow chicken

Bok Bok Utah menu

Bok Bok is a restaurant in Provo and American Fork. The restaurant specialized in Korean style fried chicken available in a variety of preparations. Bok Bok Utah menu The following ...
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Generic burger (Freepik)

Chick-fil-A menu with prices

Chick-fil-A is one of the most popular fast food franchises in America hands down - people love this chicken focused fast food restaurant. See Menu And Price for a text ...
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